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Physical Ultrasonics
The University of Mississippi

The primary thrust of the Physical Ultrasonics Research Group is the physics of ultrasonically mediated phenomena.  This includes the study of the ultrasonic properties of soft tissue, fabrication and characterization of phononic metamaterials, study of micellar fluid phase transitions, signal propagation in heterogeneous, dispersive and viscoelastic media, development of tissue-mimicking phantoms and the physics of acoustic cavitation.

Recent News

    04/23/2021 Scott Chumley defends honors thesis

    Scott Chumley defended his honors thesis on the characterization of the mechanical response of helical antennas for satellite communication.  Scott's research was directed by Dr. Joel Mobley.  Scott has completed his BS in Physics and will go on to graduate school at the University of Alabama Birmingham.

    04/22/2021 Claudia Chambliss gives poster presentation in the UM Physics poster session

    Claudia Chambliss, our newest member of the group, gave a poster on her research involving the ultrasonic properties of white and gray matter in mammalian brain.


    07-11/12/2020 Talks at the 179th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America

    The Acoustical Society of America's 179th meeting was virtual (Acoustics Virtually Everywhere).  Cecille Labuda presented a talk on work involving the ultrasonic properties of mammalian brain that she has been working on with some collaborators at the meeting and contributed to a second presented talk.

    • Labuda C, Newman WR and Hoffmeister BK.  Parametric imaging of ultrasonic backscatter of fixed sheep brain.  The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 148, 2774 (2020);
    • Newman WR, Labuda C and Hoffmeister BK.  Spatial variation of ultrasonic attenuation and speed of sound in brain tissue visualized by parametric imaging The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 148, 2774 (2020);